Sony MP3 Conversion Tool

Sony MP3 Conversion Tool 1.0

Coverts ATRAC format audio files in your computer to MP3 format audio files

MP3 Conversion Tool is software that allows to covert ATRAC format audio files in your computer to MP3 format audio files. Note, that this program doesn’t convert audio tracks that have been bought from music services on the Internet.
Sony MP3 conversion tool does allow you to convert an album folder at a time, though not individual tracks. On the second page you select the option to "Convert all ATRAC files in the selected folders...", then you need to untick the Desktop box and locate your album folders.
The good thing about Sony's MP3 converter is that it automatically embeds any album art you may have assigned in SonicStage and it is quite fast for a large number of files. When converting ATRAC files to MP3 files, the ATRAC files are not automatically deleted. There is a user selectable option in the conversion tool to delete the ATRAC files after conversion.
There is a requirement - OpenMG Secure Module must be installed in your computer. If OpenMG Secure Module is not installed on your computer, an error message will be displayed instructing you to install the latest version of SonicStage software. It’s easy in use. You just need to select "Find all ATRAC files in My Computer or in forders inside My Computer, and convert them to MP3 format" if you want MP3 Conversion Tool to automatically search for all the ATRAC files available on your computer or select "Convert all ATRAC files in the selected folders and in folders inside the selected folder" if you prefer to specify a drive or location on your computer. Then click "Next" to select the folder where your files will be converted into MP3 and to choose the compression rate. To maintain as high an audio quality as possible through the conversion, the source files and the converted MP3 files may have different bit rates.

Julia Galygo
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  • Quick conversion of a large number of files
  • Easy in use
  • Maintains high quality of audio files


  • Requires extra software to be installed
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